February 2023 Updates

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The ECFiber Marketing Team

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ValleyNet Transfers Operating Responsibilities of ECFiber to GWI Vermont

  • What does this mean for customers? The transition should be completely seamless to you as a customer of ECFiber. ECFiber’s staff, customer service, and pricing will remain the same for the foreseeable future. But, this change does mean that as we move forward our services, network, and network building will improve.
  • GWI Vermont is a Vermont company and is dedicated to ECFiber’s employees and customers. All of our employees are local.






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Struggling with Your Monthly Bill?

  • You may be eligible for an ACP subsidy.
    • The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal program which provides subsidy benefits toward your internet fees for qualifying households.
    • If you qualify, your bill may be reduced by as much as $50/month with the help of Equal Access to Broadband (EAB) and the ACP.
    • Email: info@equalaccesstobroadband.org. Or, you may leave a voicemail or text: 802-EAB-GIFT.


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Coming Soon – Hartford!

  • ECFiber will be ready to serve select areas of Hartford this winter!
    • ECFiber will soon be able to offer service in most sections of WRJ. Stay Tuned! Click here to follow our service map and see when you’ll be able to be connected!
    • ECFiber plans to conduct property surveys to help speed the process of connecting every new customer. This means you may see trained, ECFiber workers on your property. No worries though! They are only checking where other utilities are connected to
    • your home and will not need to bother you or enter your premises.




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Coming in March- Quechee

  • We will soon begin constructing our network in Quechee.

  • We have finalized our testing phase and will soon be able to connect customers to our network. Click here to see our growing service map! See if your area is ready to be connected!
  • In preparation for this build we will also begin conducting property surveys of each property. This means you may see trained, ECFiber workers on your property. No worries! They are only checking where other utilities are connected to your home and will not need to bother you or enter your premises









ECFiber Growth Timeline

Check out this short video clip depicting ECFiber’s network expansion spanning 8.5 years from February 2014 to September 2022. This represents thousands of Vermonters gaining access to world-class, local broadband. (Video courtesy, ECFiber Governing Board Chair, FX Flinn.)









Customer Testimonials

If you have something you’d like to share with the ECFiber community, please let us know! Please email our Community Engagement Specialist, at strautwein@staff.gwi.net.





Business Partners

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