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Troubleshooting ECFiber Services

Before calling our office please take a few minutes to read about steps to take to correct common problems:

Please note: You may incur service charges if ECFiber staff are called to a location to deal with problems related to a subscriber-owned router.

Print Me! Troubleshooting Tips – PDF Format


In most cases speed issues are the result of wireless connections and the limitations of wireless routers, but they can also be things outside of your (or our) control — such as the capabilities of the web server to which you are trying to connect.  Here are some helpful tips on how to troubleshoot your perceived speed issues:

  • Restart your wireless router and/or computer. It’s not just a joke from a British TV show! Restarting equipment is always the best first step when troubleshooting.
  • Slow websites. If you are having challenges with a specific website, try going to another website.  If the second website loads fine, then the issue is likely with the first website. Try again later.
  • Check cable connections. Make sure all cables are securely connected. Ethernet cabling should click into its corresponding ports.
  • Check your wireless router.  Routers are the weak link in connectivity, and can fail (even temporarily) in many ways.  Check out our guide on troubleshooting wireless routers.
  • Check your anti-virus software. If you run anti-virus software on your computer it can slow down the speeds as it protects you from viruses and malware. Make sure you keep it up to date, but if you need to speed test (see below) you should temporarily disable it to get the most accurate results.
  • Check your speeds by testing them. Ideally you should test speeds while connected directly to our system by bypassing the wireless router completely. Use our ECFiber speed test site for best results.

If you are still having challenges, email or call support (email and number at top of this page), and one of our team members will happily help. We can send a technician out; however, if the error is not with our equipment we will have to charge you for the visit. So please do try the suggestions above first.

No Dial Tone

  • Unplug all phones in your house both from the phone jacks and wall power outlets (if applicable).
  • Try plugging a simple corded phone into each wall jack.
  • If you get a dial tone on some jacks and not on others, you will need to call an electrician.

If all jacks are working but some phones work and others do not, replace the dead phones or contact the phone manufacturer.

Phones Issues with a Specific Number

If you have trouble with calls to a specific number, contact ECFiber and have the following information ready:

  • The exact date(s) and time(s) that you attempted to place call(s) to this remote number. Some telephone issues need to be tested within 24 hours of a failed call.
  • Descriptive details about the quality of the connection.
  • Whether the issue is triggered when you call the remote number, or when they call you.

How to Use ECFiber Phone Service

If you have questions about how to use your phone service’s features and settings, please download the Telephone Service User Guide.

Not Getting Invoices Via Email — If you are not seeing our monthly invoices in your inbox it is likely that they are in your spam or junk folder. This is especially true if your email provider is a large group such as AOL or Gmail. In many cases this can be solved by adding, to your contacts list. In some cases, you must also “train” your email to consider emails from ECFiber as not spam.