ECFiber expands to Windsor, Fairlee, West Fairlee, Corinth

ECFiber’s governing board voted unanimously to add four towns to its coverage area: Windsor along its southern edge, and Fairlee, West Fairlee, and Corinth along its northern edge. The action came at the annual meeting of the East Central Vermont Telecommunications District, the municipality that delivers broadband as ECFiber. The district now has 27 member towns and expects to complete construction of its network this year in all areas of its core 23 towns that do not have access to cable Internet.

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May News Letter

Share your good fortune of having the fastest internet service in the state with your friends and neighbors.  1) Not only are we still offering a $50 referral credit to you and any new subscriber that you refer; and 2) Not only will we also buy out existing contracts with other providers up to $150, BUT 3) through April 30th, we are still also holding the ECFiber raffle! – for every 25 new subscribers anywhere in our service territory we will choose one lucky subscriber to get a free standard installation and one year of “Wicked Fast” internet at our “Basic” price!.

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ECFiber’s plan for COVID-19

Update: 03/19/2020 ECFiber employees will be actively working from home starting March 19, 2020 until May 31, 2020. We will continue to schedule installations, and maintenance calls. We ask that in the case that anyone in your household is not feeling well that you notify ECFiber before the time of your appointment. We understand that this is a very stressful time and we are working diligently to bring service to those of you who have children who are home from school or are having to work from home. That being said our staff is continuing to practice good hygiene protocols, and is following CDC’s recommendation of keeping a safe social distance of a minimum of 6ft from other people.

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WiFi is publicly available.


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availability of service at your location.

Subscription Rates Shown are Monthly – No Contracts Required

All Service Level Plans Include:

  • UNLIMITED Data! — No Caps!
  • Symmetrical Speeds — Same speed download and upload.

Telephone Service includes Long Distance throughout the US and Canada plus a full range of customer convenience features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, etc.

Installation and Activation Charges (one time charges)

  • Residential Internet installation charge $99.00
  • Telephone activation fee $30.00
  • Adding telephone after service after initial installation:
    • No additional wiring needed – $30
    • Wiring required – $105

Light User
– Speed good for up to 7 devices
– Streaming in HD on 3-4 devices

**With ECFibers Basic Internet Service you’ll be able to receive/send e-mails, upload/download music/photos, use Skype to communicate conversationally

Medium User
– Speed good for up to 20 devices
– Uploading/Downloading large files
– Streaming in HD on multiple devices

**With ECFiber’s Standard Internet Service you’ll be able to upload/download multiple videos, music files, or photos at a single time; having one person watching Hulu, or similar on-line video service, while someone else is using the Internet for other purposes.

Heavy User
– Speeds good for 20+ devices
– Uploading/Downloading shows/large files
– Streaming in HD on multiple devices

**ECFiber’s Ultra Internet Service is great for gamers, videographers, graphic designers or others receiving or sending very large files, sharing large files in real time, remote real-time music performance, or those who stream HD videos.

Extreme Users
– Speeds good for up to 20+ devices
– Downloading shows/large files
-Streaming in HD on multiple devices

**With ECFiber’s Wicked Internet Service you’ll be able to stream 4K movies regularly, and play intensive 3D games in 4K on your PC. What would take you hours to download on a lesser connection can be achieved in a matter of seconds with ECFiber’s Wicked Internet Service.

Internet Price Services Price
Basic 25mbps $72.00 Phone + Voicemail $25.00 *plus applicable taxes
Standard 100mbps $104.00
Ultra 300mbps $134.00
Wicked 800mbps $164.00
Internet Price Services Price
Basic 30mbps $90.00 Phone + Voicemail $35.00 *plus applicable taxes
Standard 100mbps $124.00 Static IP Address $7.00
Ultra 300mbps $159.00 SIP Trunk $395.00
Wicked 800mbps $250.00

Voip – Phone Services

An ECFiber residential phone is $25.00 *plus applicable taxes and it comes with unlimited local and long distance calling services and a big list of features:

Unlimited local calling including calls to toll free numbers (800,866,877,etc.) Speed Call Short Call Barring-Long Distance
Unlimited long distance calling within the U.S. and Canada Anonymous Call Rejection Call Barring-International
International calling billed per Exhibit Call Forward-variable Call Barring- 900 Calls
CNAM (includes Caller ID with number and name) Call Forward-find-me-follow-me Automatic Recall (*69)
Call waiting Remote Access to Call Forwarding Auto Callback to Busy Line (*66)
Call waiting with Caller ID Web Selfcare Portal Caller ID with number
3-way calling Call Barring-All Call Block

**Current customers: Ad phone + voicemail service to your account by completing a quick request form here.
Our technicians will take care of the rest!

Are you tired of unsolicited or unwanted callers reaching you?

ECFiber service is compatible with NomoRobo. NomoRobo is an app designed to prevent “robocalls” and block your number from receiving spam calls. Nobody likes spam calls from robots or telemarketers, and ECFiber wants to make sure we provide you with stress free phone service. To enroll in NomoRobo visit their website,, and create an account. There is  guidelines and prompts, but if you are unsure if you have setup your account and are protected please call the ECFiber office at 802-763-2262, and a technician can assist you.

Are you experiencing issues with your ECFiber phone service, dropped calls, static, or delays during a call? Please fill out our Phone Issue Support Form.
Once we have received your completed form one of our technicians will begin working to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We are aware of an ongoing issue and the more examples we have from customers the faster we will be able to have a resolution.


The first step in becoming an ECFiber Customer is to sign up for service by completing our online subscription. That puts you in our database and in line for a connection. You will not be billed until after our service is fully installed. When we receive your subscription, we will do an initial survey of your property to determine whether you are eligible for a standard drop or require something additional. Please read How to Get Connected so you know what to expect. Once the cable has been run from the nearest pole to the box on your premises, we will call you to schedule full installation.

After I subscribe, how long does it take to get connected?
If you are in our current service area we can connect you quickly if you have a standard aerial drop (the line from the nearest utility pole to your premises will be 400 feet or less) – usually within a week or two at your convenience.  If you require an underground connection, that will take longer.  Please read “How to Get Connected” for further details.


How To Stream TV With Your ECFiber Internet

Get your favorite TV shows, movies and even live sports through your ECFiber internet service with streaming devices.  TV streaming will allow you to watch what you want when you want.  Making this change to TV streaming does requires some preparation, though. Here’s a step-by-step guide to TV streaming.

  1. Decide on a device you’ll use to perform streaming through your TV. The main options are Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV they cost about the same (in the $50 vicinity). Please visit the following web link,,  for personalized streaming service devices tailored to your favorite TV shows and events.
  2. Choose your streaming service for live TV. If you want more live TV options than you can get with an antenna, consider Hulu Live, Netflix, Sling, or YouTube TV. They typically cost between $15 and $45 a month.