Frequently Asked Questions

After I subscribe, how long does it take to get connected?
If you are in our current service area we can connect you quickly if you have a standard aerial drop (the line from the nearest utility pole to your premises will be 400 feet or less) – usually within a week or two at your convenience.  If you require an underground connection, that will take longer.  Please read “How to Get Connected” for further details.

I am here only part of the year. Can I arrange for temporary suspension of my service?


ECFiber will permit a seasonal disconnect of Internet service once during a calendar year. During the time of suspension the customer will be charged the $8 ONT Rental Fee. There will be a $35 re-connection fee upon return of service. Residential phone service will remain at the normal rate of $25 plus taxes.

Can the service be used with a home alarm system?
Home security systems can be compatible with digital phone service. You are advised to contact your local home security professional for more information.

Does ECFiber offers television services

The short answer is that we do not, but all of our service tiers are fast enough to let you enjoy the many streaming services currently available.

Currently, there are five leaders in live streaming services: DIRECTV NOW, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. These offer an experience similar to that of cable television, usually including a guide grid and some form of DVR (recording) service.

For more specific information about a variety of streaming applications, appropriate devices, and choosing a provider based on your viewing preferences, please follow the link below:

What ECFiber Services are right for me?

 What level of bandwidth is right for you depends on how you will use the Internet.

Light users: e-mail, receiving/sending photos, video or music files occasionally, using Skype to communicate conversationally: ECFiber “Basic” service (25 Mbps) should be sufficient.

Medium users: e-mail, receiving or sending several (up to 3) video or music files, or 10 photos at a single time; having one person watching a Netflix, or similar on-line video service, while someone else is using the Internet for other purposes: ECFiber “Standard” service (100 Mbps) should be sufficient.

Heavy users: Gamers, videographers, graphic designers or others receiving or sending very large files, sharing large files in real time, remote real-time music performance, streaming HD video: ECFiber “Ultra” service (300 Mbps) is essential.

If you want really, really fast, check out our Wicked (800 Mbps) Service.

With ECFiber you can upgrade (or downgrade) your service at any time without extra charge.

Do I need a router to use the Internet service? Will ECFiber supply a router?
It will depend on the location where the service is to be provided, but when you are contacted to schedule installation you will be notified if you will need a wireless router of your own. If you do need a wireless router they can be found at electronics and office supplies stores such as BestBuy or Staples, or online at any number of sites. If you do not have a router when the technician turns on service at the household, technicians stock routers available for purchase. However, ECFiber strongly recommends purchasing a router from a retail outlet or online store so that you has access to any support or warranty the seller or manufacturer may offer.

If you needs help setting up your router, the ECFiber installation technician will perform a basic configuration of the router to get you up and going. The technician will ensure that a wireless device (such as a laptop or smartphone) can connect to the wireless router and get Internet.

Can I use existing jacks in my home to connect to the internet? 

It will have to be investigated to see what type of wiring is currently going to the ports. In some cases the wiring is not compatible, or is compromised from time or rodents. Hard wiring and having ethernet ports in various rooms in your home will help guarantee you our remarkable fast speeds. ECFiber at this time does not offer this service though. However, we highly recommend you call Key Communications or your local electrician for more information.

Key Communications, Inc.

1011 N Main St #6, White River Junction, VT 05001

Phone: 802-292-6800

Toll Free: 800-439-6801

What is included with ECFiber phone service?
An ECFiber residential phone is $25.00 *plus applicable taxes and it comes with unlimited local and long distance calling services and a big list of features:

Unlimited local calling including calls to toll free numbers (800,866,877,etc.) Speed Call Short Call Barring-Long Distance
Unlimited long distance calling within the U.S. and Canada Anonymous Call Rejection Call Barring-International
International calling billed per Exhibit Call Forward-variable Call Barring- 900 Calls
CNAM (includes Caller ID with number and name) Call Forward-find-me-follow-me Automatic Recall (*69)
Call waiting Remote Access to Call Forwarding Auto Callback to Busy Line (*66)
Call waiting with Caller ID Web Selfcare Portal Caller ID with number
3-way calling Call Barring-All Call Block

Can I keep my current phone number if I subscribe for ECFiber’s phone service?
If a subscriber requests phone service and is happy to have a new phone number assigned, that phone number can be set up within 48 hours.  If a subscriber prefers to retain her/his phone number, it takes up to 10 days to transfer that number. Customers should NOT disconnect their current phone number prior to the transfer date.  ECFiber staff will inform you when the transfer is complete, so that you can contact your former telephone service company to make sure that they will no longer bill you for service.

Can the service be used with a home alarm system?
Home security systems can be compatible with digital phone service. You are advised to contact your local home security professional for more information.

How can I assure continuing telephone service during a power outage?
All ECFiber customers receive a back up battery that will supply customers with up to 12 hours of telephone service. For the battery back up to work customer MUST have a cord phone for their base unit (the phone that is directly plugged into ECFiber box).

Will I still be listed in the phone book?
Yes.  Your directory listing can be Listed, Non-Listed, or Non-Published.  If listed, it will be printed in the directory local to the phone number, not the address.

Will I be able to make E911 calls in case of an emergency?

Do I need to test E911 dialing after setup?
No. Calling E911 when it is not an emergency could create unnecessary legal issues for you.

Can I send faxes with digital phone service?
Successful faxing is largely dependent upon the Internet speed and model of fax machine. The upload/download speed should be no less than 256k. Fax machines with an Ethernet port work with greater consistency than older models.

Can I transfer my cellular phone number to ECFiber service?
No, in most circumstances cellular phone numbers cannot be transferred from a wireless provider to our service.

Can a ringmaster number be transferred to ECFiber service?
No, the ringmaster number must be converted to a regular phone line by the existing carrier before it can be transferred.

How can I stop unsolicited or unwanted callers from reaching my line?
To cut down on annoying calls, ECFiber recommends you enter your telephone number in the National Do Not Call Registry ( ECFiber is also compatible with NomoRobo. To enroll in NomoRobo visit their website,, and create an account. There is  guidelines and prompts, but if you are unsure if you have setup your account and are protected please call the ECFiber office at 802-763-2262, and a technician can assist you.

What happens if a telephone number cannot be transferred to ECFiber?
If for some reason we are unable to transfer an existing number, we will contact you so that the order can be clarified or terminated.

What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?
The voice mailbox allows up to a total of 10 minutes of voice messages.  Once the mailbox gets to 10 minutes, all new messages will be blocked. Each individual message can be up to 1 minute in length.

Can calls be erased from the call log?
No, calls are archived for 3 months.

What is the cause of choppy calls and is there anything that can be done to fix this?
Choppy calls are usually caused by problems such as high latency or packet loss – which can occur outside ECFiber’s network. They are usually temporary. High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over the Internet connection.  Packet loss is when information is lost over the Internet connection.  Either symptom can be caused by Internet Service Provider (gmail, yahoo mail, aol, etc.) problems, Internet congestion, or heavy bandwidth usage at your location, such as online gaming or file sharing.  You can determine if there is any problem by conducting an Internet speed test.

How can I assure continuing telephone service during a power outage?
The most common back-up for loss of wire line telephone service is temporary reliance on cellphones. However, many locations in ECFiber territory do not have good cellphone reception. Assuming that cellphone service is not sufficiently reliable to provide back-up to ECFiber wired service, there are a number of other options available to our subscribers:

a) ECFiber can install a slightly larger battery at an estimated cost of $100 which will provide up to double the life of the principal back-up battery or an even larger battery with up to three times the life of the principal back-up battery at an estimated cost of $150.

b) Subscribers can plug the battery into a back-up generator. The cost of this varies enormously: i) if you already have a generator, the extra cost is virtually zero; ii) if you buy one for this purpose only, the smallest and cheapest will do fine. The advantage is that such generators can be used for many other things.

c) You can buy a standard “emergency battery” pack of the kind used for emergency jump-starting a car. These normally have a standard 110 outlet into which the ECFiber network battery can be plugged. Depending on the size of the battery pack and its condition this could extend the life of the network battery by up to 8 – 24 hours. Alternatively, you can buy an inexpensive inverter and attach it to a car battery and plug the ECFiber battery into that. This will have similar effectiveness as the emergency pack.

Can I use my current phone jacks in my home? 

The current phone jacks in your home may or may not be compatible with ECFiber service. The best time to determine this is during the time of your initial install. If an ECFiber technicians is able to determine the phone jacks are compatible they will be able to get the jacks up and running for you. If they are not compatible we have two recommendations. Our first and most practical recommendation is having a CORDED phone plugged into our hardware and multiple CORDLESS phones throughout your home. An alternative to this is you can contact a local electrician to rewire your home, but this can become pricey.

We prefer customers plug directly into our equipment, and if there is a need for multiple phones throughout the house we recommend using cordless phones.

By you plugging your phone system directly into out our equipment it will reduce the risk of static echo noise or shorts. Also ECFiber is unable warranty your internal wiring because it is not something we installed and are unaware of the condition of the internal wiring of your home.

Do you enjoy paying more than $100 a month for a cable or satellite subscription you only half use? Are you thinking of taking the plunge and “cutting the cord”. What if I told you for a fraction of the cost you could get your favorite TV shows, movies and even live sports through your ECFiber internet service with streaming devices. Television has changed quite a bit over the past few years. It might be time for your viewing habits to change as well.

To Cut the Cord or Not to Cut the Cord

The idea of cord cutting can be a daunting new way of doing things. But fear not the benefits far outway the effort and time needed to learn and set up your new TV streaming devices. TV streaming will allow you to watch what you want when you want.  Making this change to tv streaming does require some preparation, though. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the cord-cutting process.

  1. Decide on a device you’ll use to perform streaming through your TV. The main options are Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV they cost about the same (in the $50 vicinity). Please visit the following web link,,  for personalized streaming service devices tailored to your favorite tv shows and events.
  2. Choose your streaming service for live TV. If you want more live TV options than you can get with an antenna, consider Hulu Live, Sling, YouTube TV or PlayStationVue. They typically cost between $15 and $45 a month.

Streaming Video Devices

These are the most popular hardware devices you can use to connect your television to your ECFiber Internet service:

Google Chromecast

Apple TV



Note: Most new model televisions may have video streaming capabilities built-in.

Please visit the web-link find the perfect device for you. Choose all of your favorite TV shows, Sports events, local channels, and movies to find which device is best suited for you.

Streaming Video Services

These are the major streaming services that provide alternatives to broadcast or cable television:


DirecTV Now


Sling TV

PlayStation Vue

YouTube TV