The first step in becoming an ECFiber Customer is to sign up for service by completing our online subscription. That puts you in our database and in line for a connection. You will not be billed until after our service is fully installed.

2. SITE SURVEY: When we receive your subscription, we will do an initial survey of your property to determine whether you are eligible for a standard outside connection or require something additional. Please read our page “Exterior Connection” so you know what to expect.

3.EXTERIOR CONNECTION: We will connect any premise that is within 400 feet of the nearest drop connection point on a utility pole, with an aerial fiber-optic cable, at no additional charge. For premises that are further away or that require underground cabling, additional fees may apply. Payment can be made over several months. Please see “Exterior Connection” for further details.

Network Interface Device

Network Interface Device

Exterior installation involves installing a small cabinet or box, called an “NID” (Network Interface Device) on the outside of your building, usually next to your current utility box. ECFiber technicians will install a high-capacity data cable from the NID box to one location of your choice.

4. INTERIOR INSTALLATION: Once the cable has been run from the nearest pole to the box on your premises, we will call you to schedule full installation. You must be home for a full installation. ECFiber charges a modest installation fee of $99 for residences and $150 for businesses. For large or complex installations we assess an additional installation charge of $75 per hour for any installation work in excess of two hours.

The day of a full installation, you will need to be at the install location.