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ECFiber Services: Subscribe

Note: You will not be billed until after service has been installed and tested at your premises.

Before subscribing please do the following:

  1. Check the Service Area Map to determine whether we have service available in your location.
  2. Read “Understanding ECFiber Services” before subscribing.
  3. Determine whether there might be any complications in getting fiber from the pole to your house.  Please read “How to Connect to the Network.” If you require our fiber-optic cable to be placed underground you can expedite our installation by hiring a contractor to install 2″ schedule 40 conduit with a 210lb tensile strength pull string from the nearest utility pole to the point on your premises where we will install the optical network terminal describe in “Understanding…” above.  ECFiber can also provide an in-house contractor but this may take a bit longer and may be more expensive.
  4. Determine the service level and other services you desire.  Check all our services and fees. Not sure what level to choose? Visit the What ECFiber Services Are Right for Me? page. Businesses are billed at slightly higher rates to reflect higher levels of customer service usually required by businesses.  Public libraries and schools should sign up for RESIDENTIAL service.  ECFiber acknowledges the tight budgets of our public schools and libraries and is happy to bill at our residential rates.


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