East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Executive Committee Meeting
July 2, 2019


Call to Order – Irv Thomae, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:12 PM.
1. Attendance
x indicates attendance

Attendee, Affiliation, Role, Expiry
x Irv Thomae, Norwich, Chair (annual), 2020
x F.X. Flinn, Hartford, Vice Chair (annual), 2020
Jim Masland, Thetford, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2022
x Dan Childs, Brookfield, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2020
x Chris Noble, Royalton, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2021
Clare Holland, Sharon, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2020
x Elizabeth Warner, Pittsfield, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2021
x Marty Blumberg, Thetford, Treasurer
x Daniel Leavitt, Barnard, Secretary, 2020
x Chris Recchia, ValleyNet, Managing Director
Stan Williams, ValleyNet, CFO
Carole Monroe, ValleyNet, CEO

2. Changes to Agenda

3. Accept June 4, 2019 Minutes
Minutes accepted by consensus, no changes.

4. Government Relations Update
Irv discussed H.513, which is now signed by the Governor and has been designated as Act 79.

5. Construction & Operations Update
Chris Recchia reported that we have finished the Woodstock 30-mile fiber run and that splicing, drops and testing have begun. No estimate of completion was available at this time. The crews are also working in Sharon and will be moving on to Royalton next week. We are considering doing door hangings on homes where subscribers have either moved away or have not yet signed up. We are ready to extend offers for two new installers and we are finishing up with interviews for the customer service position tomorrow and hope to extend an offer for that soon.

6. Financials Update
Marty discussed the status of the audit. The final report is expected soon and Chris Noble said that it is delayed until after the holiday. He will follow-up next week. Regarding the 2019A offering, we plan to present the Resolution Authorizing Agreements to the Governing Board for approval next week but we are still considering when to proceed with the actual offering.

7. Marketing ECFiber
Chris asked about manning a booth at the Paws for Cause event at Tunbridge Fair, which started a conversation to about this and the Quechee and Tunbridge Fair events. There didn’t seem to be much interest in supporting that event, since the Tunbridge Fair is fast approaching and we would like to repeat last year’s success with that event.

Irv and Betty updated the Committee on a recent communications committee meeting. Betty will be preparing the minutes of that meeting. A Communications Committee Update item will be on the Governing Board agenda.

8. Governing Board Agenda Planning
Agenda items for next week include:
• Government Relations Update
• Construction & Operations Update
• Financials Update
• Resolution Authorizing Agreements
• Communications Committee Update
• ECFiber Expansions

9. Other business
Dan Leavitt reminded the Committee about the interest in joining ECFiber that we received from a few attendees of the Quechee Balloon Fest. There are a number of towns whose residents have expressed a desire to join the District. Generally, they include towns that are contiguous to the District and that are neither part of a fledgling CUD nor in a location that seems suitable for one. Weathersfield, Cavendish, and Windsor to the south and Corinth and Fairlee to the north are among those mentioned. The Board should continue to discuss how we would handle requests to join.

10. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn (M/Childs, S/Warner) – Passed unanimously at 7:28 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Leavitt, Secretary