ECFiber Pricing and Speed Adjustments – Beginning February 1, 2020 with earlier change in Basic Service and Speed Changes January 1, 2020.

Dear ECFiber Customer,

Thanks for your support and loyalty over these past 8 years!  ECFiber is now recognized statewide as the model for expanding universal broadband in rural Vermont. As we approach the completion of 1400 miles of network serving customers previously with no access to “wicked fast” internet in our 23 town district, the state legislature and Governor have changed the laws and policies to make our model one that others can follow. Our experience in serving our customers with rock-solid, world class internet has allowed us to better understand the needs of our communities and the costs of providing the service.

On February 1, 2020 we will be adjusting our prices for the first time ever to better reflect the higher demands for support of our phone service and our higher speed Internet and business services.  As part of this change, we are also substantially increasing speeds on Standard, Ultra, and Wicked services.

As a community-owned municipal district, ECFiber seeks to maximize the number of connected households. Since 2011, we have increased speeds several times without any price increase. Meanwhile, the consumer price index in our area has gone up 16.5%, and our cost for providing health insurance to our staff has doubled.  For these and other reasons, we must make some price adjustments to reflect our costs.  To make this a bit more palatable, we’ve lowered our Basic service rate, and increased speeds dramatically for all other categories effective January 1, 2020.


Our 25 Mbps symmetrical Basic Service price has been reduced to $72 per month effective January 1, 2020.  It was $74 per month ($66 plus ONT rental of $8/month).

Higher speed Internet services will increase by $5-15 per month beginning in February, but speeds were also increased substantially, effective January 1, 2020.

Phone service cost will increase by $5 per month (excluding governmental fees and sales taxes) but will now automatically include our great voicemail service (currently a $3/mo. add-on) which allows you to receive your messages via email.  Phone service will also include the option to sign up for Nomorobo spam call blocking service at no extra charge.

You already know how great our service is, but if your friends, relatives or neighbors have been on the fence about switching to ECFiber we think these included features will make switching easier!

All prices for internet in the tables below include the monthly ONT rental charge.  Except for the reduction in cost for Basic Service that occurred this month, all prices will change February 1, 2020:


 Current SpeedCurrent PriceNew SpeedNew Price


All of our business service pricing and speeds will increase.  We continue to offer a substantial discount compared to our competitors, but businesses need a higher level of support than our residential customers and our pricing needs to reflect that. Phone prices will increase to $35.



 Current Speed Current PriceNew Speed New Price


Looking toward the future, we envision a time when we can offer discounts to those customers that qualify for WIC or Free/Reduced School Lunch. Although we are exploring a pilot project along these lines this year, a similar program is unlikely to be economically feasible district-wide until 50% or more of the homes that our network passes become ECFiber customers.

Please continue to tell your neighbors about us so we can gain more customers and reach this objective for our community internet service. You will both get the $50 referral credit we always give existing customers and neighbors they refer. Keep in mind that we’re willing to buy out existing contracts up to $150.00 as well. It’s really a great time to get your neighborhood connected to ECFiber!

Thank You,