ECFiber Expands Its Real Broadband Service Again
Royalton VT – February 8, 2017

The East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (“ECFiber”) is continuing its steady growth, bringing service to parts of Royalton (downtown and Dairy Hill Rd/Ducker Rd) Strafford (Kendall Rd/Jordan Rd/Old City Falls Rd,) Pittsfield (Rte. 100 and Tweed River), and Randolph (S. Randolph Rd).

“These expansions have been funded privately and through Connectivity Initiative grants from the state’s Dept. of Public Service,” said Irv Thomae, Chairman of ECFiber and Governing Board delegate from Norwich. “We’re pleased that more residents in these areas are now able to enjoy the benefits of locally grown, full time, state-of-the-art real broadband, Later this year we will bring our service to six entire towns, including Pittsfield, Pomfret, West Windsor, Barnard, Strafford and Thetford. We plan to fully cover 21 of our 24 towns by 2019.”

ECFiber is a Communications Union District with 24 member towns in East-Central Vermont. Step by step, we are building a community-owned fiber-optic network to deliver high-speed Internet to every home, business, or civic institution in our territory. ECFiber offers real broadband: symmetrical internet access (same upload as download,) no contracts, no data caps, and service plans with speeds as high as 500 Mbps that do not vary by time of day or according to the weather – as well as fully featured phone service with unlimited USA and Canada long distance calling.

For more information, please visit or email us at

Irv Thomae, Governing Board Chairman
415 Waterman Road, Royalton VT 05068
Office: (802) 763-2262