On Thursday, December 12th, ECFiber is re-configuring all telephone services across our network to a new system. December 13th is reserved as a second day for any transitions that are not complete on the 12th.

Customers who have begun phone service starting June 2019 already use the new system and may disregard this message.

This transition will allow us to provide the most reliable and consistent phone service possible, and allows for new features that were not possible before, such as viewing your entire call history. Nomorobo service will be available for customers who wish to block robo-callers.

Transition Details

During the day(s) of transition, you will notice both Internet and telephone deactivate for approximately 5 minutes sometime between 9am and 5pm. Once the reboot is complete, your telephone line will be using the new service. We will send an email when the transition is complete. If you use voicemail, you can test if your transition is complete by dialing *97 to access voicemail. *99 works on both the old and new system, *97 only works on the new system.

What you need to do

For customers who do not use voicemail, call-forwarding, or other calling features, the transition will be unnoticeable other than the brief loss of service.

For voicemail customers, you will have a new PIN. Please see the email sent on 12/6 for the PIN number. You will need to re-record your name and greeting. We recommend you change your PIN as soon as possible after the transition is complete. Please see the phone service guide PDF for instructions on how to change your PIN and record your greeting. You will no longer have access to voicemails on the old system, please ensure you have listened to or saved all voicemails ahead of the transition.

We have attempted to retain voicemail-to-email settings through the transition. Please test your voicemail-to-email service after the transition to confirm that it is working. If your voicemail-to-email no longer works, or you would like to add this feature, you may contact us to have it enabled, or you may do so yourself using the online portal (see below).

For customers that use call forwarding, SIM ring, hunt groups / ring groups / roll-over, and/or any other features not already mentioned, these features will need to be re-configured after the transition is complete.

Changes to online portal

For customers that would like to view call detail records, listen to voicemail, and make other changes to your account online, ECFiber must make an account for you. The new online portal can be found at Please use the form on the website to request creation of a user account.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are confident the features and service will be improved as a result of this transition.


12-9-2019: Clarified “We recommend you change your PIN as soon as possible after the transition is complete
12-9-2019: Added plan to confirm completion of transition via email
12-9-2019: Added advice to use *97 to check if transition is complete for voicemail users
12-9-2019: Added links to Nomorobo