Governing Board
September 10, 2019 – Minutes
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.
Irv called the roll and established that a quorum of member towns was present. See attached
attendance record for details.
2.Introduction of Guests
Chris Recchia (ValleyNet MD), Timothy O’Dell (Corinth), Marty Blumberg (ECFiber Treasurer)
3.Changes to Agenda
Irv asked to insert discussion of marketing budget as item #10.
4.Public Comments
5.Accept August 13, 2019 Minutes
Motion to accept the minutes of August 13, 2019 meeting. (M/Graham, S/Webb) – passed
6.Executive Committee Report
Executive Committee didn’t meet this month due to the holiday break, so not much to report.
7.Government Relations Update
Irv reported that the PUC staffers who conducted workshops in the spring have put out a recommendation for rule revision, as required by the law but we don’t think the recommendation is consistent with the law. Stay tuned, we will be meeting with Rep Briglin to discuss and determine how to proceed.
8.Construction and Operations Update
Chris Recchia reports that, as of last week, we stand at 3802 customers. The Eustis report includes progress of ten construction crews plus splicing and drop crews. Work continues in Woodstock on splices and drops and the main construction is complete. Sharon is about 64% constructed and several of the Eustis crews are on task there. The remainder of this item included much discussion of general progress.
9.Motion to approve purchase and financing of a new Toyota Tacoma truck
Move to approve the purchase and financing of $31,329 as described in the invoice dated 8/23/19 for a new Toyota Tacoma installation vehicle, to be financed through the Mascoma Savings Bank and to authorize Chris Recchia, ValleyNet Managing Director, to sign on our behalf. (M/Leavitt, S/Childs) – passed.
10.Marketing discussion
Irv and Chris ask for board opinions about various sponsorships, including the Quechee Balloon Fest, Tunbridge Fair and the Chandler Music Hall. Discussion of how to apply budgeted marketing funds and how to best reach out to prospective customers and the public in general ensued.
11.Communications Committee Update (Tunbridge Fair Planning)
Dave Karon discussed manning the ECFiber Tunbridge Fair booth and asked that those who are volunteering please join him after the Governing Board meeting to coordinate.
12.Old Business
13.New Business
Motion to adjourn at 8:42 p.m. (M/Leavitt, S/Webb) – passed
Note: The next Governing Board meeting is October 8, 2019.