East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Executive Committee Meeting
(Joint with Finance Committee)
December 4, 2018


Call to Order – Irv Thomae, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM.

1. Attendance
x – indicates attendance
Attendee, Affiliation, Role, Expiry
x Irv Thomae, Norwich, Chair (annual), 2019
x F.X. Flinn, Hartford, Vice Chair (annual), 2019
x Jim Masland, Thetford, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2019
x Dan Childs, Brookfield, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2020
Chris Noble, Royalton, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2021
x Clare Holland, Sharon, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2020
x George Sadowsky, Woodstock, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2019
Marty Blumberg, Thetford, Treasurer
x Daniel Leavitt, Barnard, Secretary, 2019
x Stan Williams, ValleyNet, CFO
x Carole Monroe, ValleyNet, CEO
Paul Giuliani, Counsel
Fred Thomas, ECFiber Finance Committee

2. Accept November 7, 2018
Minutes Minutes accepted by consensus, no changes.

3. Changes to Agenda
Two additional topics are added to the agenda. These are inserted after the discussion of the Governing Board agenda as items 7 and 8.

4. Construction & Operations Update (Carole)
Carole reported that new build progress has slowed to a crawl because of necessary storm damage. Problems ranged from downed and broken lines to broken fiber connections on CPE. We are at now at 3143 customers. The Royalton Hill line is finally lit and customer connections have begun on that route. We now have over 500 active customers in Thetford. The Rochester hub is in place and is ready to be connected to the fiber pass. All applications for the four towns selected for the 2019 build are submitted and collection of pole data for the 80-mile additional build is ongoing and expected to be done by the end of next week. We are still looking for two more outside plant technicians.

5. Review & update proposed 2019 budget (Stan)
Stan reviewed the final proposed 2019 budget and answered questions from members.

6. Prepare November 13 Governing Board Agenda Items
Agenda items for next week will include:
• Motion to Adopt 2019 District Budget
• Motion to Adopt Net Neutrality Policy
• Motion to Adopt Data Privacy Policy
• Reminder of holiday potluck

7. Defining “Underserved areas” for network-planning purposes (George)
George presented a discussion of whether we have sufficiently defined what we mean by “underserved areas” and whether we have adequately set customer expectations regarding where we will build and where we will not. The discussion progressed into the identification of a need to develop a statement that better defines this and George subsequently volunteered to draft it.

8. What would we like to see in Make-Ready Legislation?
The Committee discussed the many issues surrounding the make-ready process. Some of those include transparency into the process with questions about when is our payment received, when work is scheduled to commence, who is responsible for pole replacement and whether there should be incentives for prioritization of any necessary pole replacement work. Jim asked if could Carole write up a timeline outlining the steps involved in the process that he could then use in discussion with the PUC and others as part of the path to adjusting statue or other rules. Carole agreed to do so.

9. Other business

10. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn (M/Sadowsky, S/Masland) – Passed unanimously at 6:57 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Leavitt, Secretary