East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Executive Committee Meeting
April 6, 2020 – 5:00 PM

1. Call to Order
Called to order at 5:39pm
2. Attendance
X indicates attendance
Attendee Affiliation Role Expiry
X Irv Thomae Norwich Chair (annual) 2020
X F.X. Flinn Hartford Vice Chair (annual) 2020
X Jim Masland Thetford Member at Large (3 yr.) 2022
X Dan Childs Brookfield Member at Large (3 yr.) 2020
Chris Noble Royalton Member at Large (3 yr.) 2021
X Clare Holland Sharon Member at Large (2 yr.) 2020
X Elizabeth Warner Pittsfield Member at Large (2 yr.) 2021
X Marty Blumberg Thetford Treasurer
X Jeff Brand Hartford Secretary 2020
X Chris Recchia ValleyNet Managing Director
Stan Williams ValleyNet CFO
Fred Thomas ECFiber Finance Committee
Guests: Dave Karon (Sharon), Richard Dybvig (Tunbridge), Dan Leavitt (Barnard)
3. Changes to Agenda
No changes.
4. Accept February 4, 2020 Minutes
Minutes accepted by consensus.
5. Financials Update
Irv relayed that Stan did not have a report for this meeting.
6. Recruiting an Assistant Treasurer
Irv discussed the search for an assistant treasurer. Marty outlined qualifications for the candidate
and the committee discussed options.

Dave Karon asked, and Irv agreed that the subject of allocating funds to pay for the position
should be brought before the Governing Board at the next meeting.
Betty Warner asked whether the job description had been prepared. Chris R. offered to work
with Marty and Irv to prepare one for the next meeting.
F.X. recommended that the motion to Gov Board should authorize the search for the assistant
treasurer without allocating a specific amount.
7. Government Relations Update
There was no legislative report this month.
Chris Recchia has been working with the Department of Public Service during the Coronoavirus
outbreak. ECFiber would not be disconnecting residential or business customers for the next
couple of months. The senate finance committee inquired about the student connection program.
ECFiber is connecting students from homes with reduced school lunch or WIC for free through
June. 12 of 50 potential customers have already been installed.
8. Construction & Operations
Chris reported that the promotional drive has resulted in 15 winners, meaning there have been
375+ new subscriptions since February. Installations have picked up. 4380 net installs as of the
end of March. While we are behind for the year, the installation rate is picking up.
All of Vershire has been turned on and are exclusively working on Sharon and then will be
working on Royalton and Bethel.
Three interstate crossovers and all railroad crossings are completed. All of the pre-subscribed
drops were done while waiting for the railroad crossings. Route 132 has been an issue and will
likely be the last cutover in Sharon.
More of the construction report will be ready for the Governing Board meeting.
9. Governing Board Agenda Planning
We will revisit questions about the map used by the Governing Board.
10. Other Business
Dave Karon reported several issues with the website to be addressed by ValleyNet.
11. Adjournment
Adjourned at 7:10 PM.