East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)

Governing Board Meeting
7 PM April 14, 2020

Location: RingCentral Virtual Meeting


1. Attendance (7:00)
2. Introduction of Guests
3. Changes to Agenda
4. Public Comments
5. Accept March 10, 2020 Minutes
6. Financials Update (7:10)
7. Executive Committee Report (7:20)
8. Government Relations Update (7:35)
9. Update from the Expansion Committee (7:45)
10. Construction and Operations Update (7:50)
11. Provisions for Continuity in the Treasurer’s Office (8:05)

Motion: To authorize the Executive Committee to seek the services of a suitably qualified
Assistant Treasurer, charged with “shadowing” our present Treasurer to learn the duties and
procedures of the office from him, with the expectation of eventually succeeding him at such
time as he may decide to retire;
and further, that the Executive Committee shall make arrangements for regular compensation
to both the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer for their services, whether by contract or by
hire, such arrangements and the amounts involved to be confirmed by a subsequent vote of
the Governing Board.

12. Revisit map used by the Governing Board (8:15)
13. Old Business (8:25)
14. New Business
15. Adjournment – Next meeting is May 12, 2020 (8:30)