ValleyNet: Job description for Managing Director

ValleyNet enhances the lives of those it serves by advocating for universal and effective Internet access, and providing services to facilitate Internet use and increase citizen community engagement. ValleyNet, a non-profit organization, serves the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont.

ValleyNet’s primary focus is the management of the construction and operation of a fiber-to-premises telecommunications (Internet and phone) network under contract with the East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber), a communications union district wholly owned by 24 Vermont towns. ECFiber is governed by a Board made up of appointees from each of its member towns. The operation of the network is funded through monthly revenues, and network expansion is funded through municipal revenue bonds.

ValleyNet is seeking to replace their retiring CEO with an individual that has the experience, vision, and leadership skills to lead the organization into a successful future.

Title and Responsibilities:
The Managing Director (MD) is responsible for all aspects of the regular operations of ECFiber except accounting, which is handled by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The position reports directly to the Board of Directors of ValleyNet (VN). In addition, as ValleyNet looks to expand by providing operational services to other community broadband networks (such as Lyme, NH,) the individual will lead this effort in developing this business.

Direct Reports:
All department managers within ValleyNet report directly to the MD except the Chief Accountant (CA,) including, customer operations, outside plant maintenance and construction, marketing and sales, legal services, and government relations. Currently there are 19 full-time positions, 2 part-time positions and 5-9 part-time contractors. The CA reports to the Chief Financial Officer with respect to financial accounting etc. However, the CA also handles Information Technology matters which fall within the domain of the MD (e.g. billing, trouble ticketing, customer care etc.). Hence, the CA reports to the MD regarding these matters.

Investment and Growth:
ECFiber has been experiencing rapid growth at an average of 30% over the last 5 years and is currently at 3,000 active customers. ECFiber expects this growth to continue over the next several years as it builds out an additional 700 miles of network. ECFiber’s current annual revenues are $4.2 million and its fixed assets are in excess of $21 million. As such, a large part of the MD’s attention will be focused on planning, engineering, executing and managing network, organizational and customer growth of this magnitude.

Community Foundation:
ECFiber is a community owned network and the MD must appreciate and embrace the concept of a community-owned public utility and be able to relate successfully to: the individual towns; their governing bodies (“Select Boards”); the ECFiber Governing Board and its members; and with the citizens themselves. Although ECFiber is required by law and constitution to be entirely self-supporting and to “pay its own way,” it is not a purely “profitmaximizing” institution. Balancing the needs of the community with the commercial discipline required to fund all its activities without resorting to taxpayer funding sources is a basic requirement of the MD’s position.

Desired Skills:
1. A leader with experience leading and managing a customer-focused organization.
2. Demonstrated skill in hiring, motivating and leading competent, dedicated employees.
3. Sufficient technical background/experience with telecom and computer networks to be able to oversee their operation, planning and
4. A strong set of communication and interpersonal skills that can be equally effective with a wide array of stakeholders, including, but not limited to, current and potential customers, employees, ECFiber Governing Board members, ValleyNet Board members, Select Boards, and state regulators and governmental officials.
5. Demonstrated experience negotiating and overseeing commercial contracts.
6. Familiarity with current state of the telecommunications industry and emerging issues and challenges.
7. Ability to assist CFO in forecasting revenues and expenses and developing and monitoring budgets (both operations and substantial construction budgets.)
8. Experience with small, dynamic, fast-growing organizations to be able to lead and manage rapid development.
9. An individual that is comfortable in the role of public spokesperson to respond to the press, testify at public hearings, and speak at regional and national conferences.
10. Sufficient experience with community organization(s) to be able to appreciate and adapt to the requirements of the ECFiber environment.

What This Position Offers You:

  • An opportunity to work with a successful, nationally recognized organization that believes in the community value of a universally available FTTH network and providing excellent customer service.
  • A rural lifestyle that offers four seasons and unlimited outdoor recreation activities.
  • An attractive compensation package based on skills and experience including health insurance, 401K, flexible work environment, paid vacation and personal time off.

Job Location:
ValleyNet offices are located at 415 Waterman Road, Royalton, Vermont, just off I-89 Exit 3.

Resumes and letters of interest should be sent to:

John van Vught
Chief Accountant
415 Waterman Rd.
Royalton VT 05068