East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Governing Board
January 8, 2019 – Minutes

Call to Order: Chair called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

1. Attendance
Chair called the roll and established that we did not have a quorum so the meeting could continue for informative purposes only. See attached attendance record for details.

2. Introduction of Guests
Carole Monroe (ValleyNet), Marty Blumberg (Treasurer), Dave Brown (Woodstock), Jim Ludwig (Tunbridge)

3. Changes to Agenda

4. Public Comments

5. Accept Minutes of December 11, 2018 Meeting
Tabled – no quorum.

6. Executive Committee/Government Relations
Irv talked briefly about Jim Masland’s plans to introduce a make-ready bill. Irv also invited members to check out the latest Department of Public Service ten-year Telecommunications Plan update, which can be found by drilling down from the DPS Telecommunications page.

7. Construction and Operations Update
Carole reports that we are making progress despite storm-related issues and holiday slow-downs. The Royalton Hill project is now complete. We are at 3228 customers. The 2018 Connectivity Grant map is available and we will be applying for some areas in our district before the Jan 26 due date. The Rochester hub splicing is almost finished and we should have Hancock, Granville and parts of Rochester lit by the end of the week. Eustis has crews now working in Stockbridge and Braintree and Brookfield. We have contracted with Vermont Generator to install backup generators at hubs that do not yet have backup power and to maintain the generators at all hubs. We are announcing speed increases to our two lower tiers which sets service options to 25, 50, 200 and 700 symmetrical. Again raising speeds without raising prices.

Our Managing Director search process is now down to four candidates and the final interviews were concluded yesterday and today and only the final selection process remains.

8. Old Business

9. New Business

10. Adjournment
Meeting concluded at 8:13 PM.

Note: The next Governing Board meeting will be February 12, 2019.