East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Governing Board
April 16, 2019 – Minutes

Call to Order: Chair called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

1. Attendance
Chair called the roll and established that a quorum of member towns was present. See attached attendance record for details.

2. Introduction of Guests
Carole Monroe (ValleyNet), David Brown (Woodstock), Richard Dybvig (Tunbridge)

3. Changes to Agenda
Carole requested to insert item #11 for vote.

4. Public Comments

5. Accept Minutes of March 12, 2018 Meeting
Motion to accept the minutes of March 12, 2018 meeting. (M/Gillette, S/Graham) – passed

6. Executive Committee Report
Irv explained the role of the Communications Committee in reference to a concern for the large overlap in membership between that committee and Executive Committee. The Committee’s consensus was that it is valuable to have both as distinctly separate committees (with a different Chair) despite the overlap. Dave Karon agreed and indicated that the committee membership does differ, as acknowledged by member, Jeff Brands and that others are welcome to join.

7. Government Relations Update
Since the last Governing Board Meeting H.513 was passed in the House and forwarded to the Senate and was in the hands of the Senate Finance Committee. Irv summarized some key points of the legislation and will be giving testimony.

8. Construction and Operations Update
Carole returned as acting CEO (co- with Stan) for ValleyNet, replacing David Rottmayer. She says that they intend to move forward with no delays in operations until a replacement is fully on board. We are now fully licensed for the 2019 Woodstock build. Yesterday we had to cancel nearly all installations because of extensive flooding in the area and we’re happy to report that the Stockbridge hub continued on backup power with no outages even though our tech’s were unable to get there to service it until the roads were re-opened.

9. Approval of expenditures for Messenger Strand purchase for the 2019 build
Motion to approve an expenditure for the purchase of Messenger Strand for the 2019 build, not to exceed $500,000. (M/Leavitt, S/Merrill) – passed

10. Approval of expenditures for the Eustis Cable 2019 build
Motion to approve an expenditure for the 2019 build contract with Eustis Cable, not to exceed $5,600,000. (M/Leavitt, S/Graham) – passed

11. Approval of expenditures for the 2019 Fiber from Power and Tel
Motion to approve an expenditure for fiber-optic cable for the 2019 build from Power and Tel, not to exceed $156,000. (M/Leavitt, S/Gillette) – passed

12. Approval to offer service upgrades to board members
Motion to endorse a ValleyNet initiative to offer service upgrades to ECFiber board members. (M/Leavitt, S/Merrill) – passed

13. Quechee Balloon Fest Planning
The Quechee Balloon Festival is on Father’s Day weekend so we need to get going on our planning. Those expressing a desire to volunteers for this effort include: Dave Karon, Jeff Brand, Chris Noble, Ken Alton, Bob Gere, Betty Warner, David Webb, Ken Parrot, Henry Swayze, Richard Ludwig, John Malcomb and Dan Leavitt.

14. Old Business
Dave Karon spoke on behalf of the Communications Committee and asked Delegates look over their town blurbs on https://www.ecfiber.net/member-towns and to send updates to secretary@ecfiber.net. He also indicated that we’d like to have testimonials on our Facebook page from users of the Wicked Fast service.

15. New Business

16. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn (M/Merrill, S/Webb) – 8:40 PM.

Note: The Annual Governing Board meeting is May 14, 2019.