Agenda for April 10, 2018 Governing Board Meeting

//Agenda for April 10, 2018 Governing Board Meeting

East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Governing Board Meeting
7 PM April 10, 2018
Room 012 Oakes Hall, Vermont Law School


7:00pm 1. Attendance
7:05pm 2. Introduction of Guests
7:10pm 3. Public Comments
4. Review/Re-sequence Agenda
7:15pm 5. Accept Minutes of the March 20, 2017 Meeting
7:20pm 6. Executive Committee & Government Relations Update
7:35pm 7. Construction & Operations Update (Carole)
8:00pm 8. Marketing Update (Dave Brown)
8:10pm 9. Motion: The treasurer is authorized to pay the renewal invoice for Directors’ and Officers (“D&O”) insurance dated April 5, 2018 and to continue doing so annual until instructed otherwise. The cost of such insurance shall be reported to the Governing Board on an annual basis. A copy of the invoice is included in the packet.
8:15pm 10. Old Business
8:20pm 11. New Business
8:30pm 12. Adjournment