East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Executive Committee Meeting
May 7, 2019


Call to Order – Irv Thomae, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:25 PM.

1. Attendance
x indicates attendance
Attendee, Affiliation, Role, Expiry
x Irv Thomae, Norwich, Chair (annual), 2019
x F.X. Flinn, Hartford, Vice Chair (annual), 2019
x Jim Masland, Thetford, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2019
x Dan Childs, Brookfield, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2020
x Chris Noble, Royalton, Member at Large (3 yr.), 2021
x Clare Holland, Sharon, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2020
Elizabeth Warner, Pittsfield, Member at Large (2 yr.), 2019
x Marty Blumberg, Thetford, Treasurer
x Daniel Leavitt, Barnard, Secretary, 2019
x Chris Recchia, ValleyNet, Managing Director
x Stan Williams, ValleyNet, CFO
x Carole Monroe, ValleyNet, CEO

2. Changes to Agenda

3. Accept April 2, 2018 Minutes
Minutes accepted by consensus, no changes.

4. Introduction of Chris Recchia, ValleyNet Managing Director
ValleyNet introduced Chris Recchia as the new Managing Director.

5. Government Relations Update
Irv discussed recent progress on H.513, which is still in Senate Finance Committee and he and Carole discussed some of the details of last Friday’s PUC “workshop” in which they both testified.

6. Construction & Operations Update
Carole reported that Granville, Hancock and Rochester are essentially complete and that only some underground work remains. There are seven new FSAs now lit in Stockbridge. All Braintree railroad crossings are complete and they are building now on Route 12A. The build in Brookfield is well underway. All Sharon licenses are in but we expect railroad crossings to be a timing issue.

The Board Member speeds have been upgraded and accounts adjusted accordingly, per last month’s Board approval.

7. Financials Update
Stan presented an overview of the financials and delays in the build out caused primarily by make-ready issues. He would like to proceed with preparing the offering ready for August but may consider waiting a month or two if necessary. A presentation will be ready for the Governing Board by the July meeting.

8. Discussion of Microcell Installations in Member Towns
The Committee discussed recent activity related to H.513 and related efforts at the State level to basically resuscitate the CoverageCo wireless service to provide E-911 coverage. The consensus of the Committee is a desire to see that bill go to Conference Committee for further vetting to resolve such issues.

9. Review Governing Board Meeting Agenda
Agenda items for next week include:
• Introduction of Chris Recchia, ValleyNet Managing Director
• Government Relations Update
• Construction & Operations Update
• Q1 Financials Update
• Annual Elections
• Discussion of Microcell Installations in Member Towns
• Approval for expenditure for the annual SecureSysCom Contract.
• Quechee Balloon Fest, Tunbridge Fair and Farmer’s Markets

10. Other business
Childs suggests we follow-up on the new possibility of D&O Insurance through VLCT.

11. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn (M/Childs, S/Flinn) – Passed unanimously at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Leavitt, Secretary