What ECFiber Services are right for me?

Bandwidth: What level of bandwidth is right for you depends on how you will use the Internet.

Light users: e-mail, receiving/sending photos, video or music files occasionally, using Skype to communicate conversationally: ECFiber “Basic” service (17 Mbps) should be sufficient.

Medium users: e-mail, receiving or sending several (up to 3) video or music files, or 10 photos at a single time; having one person watching a Netflix, or similar on-line video service, while someone else is using the Internet for other purposes: ECFiber “Standard” service (40 Mbps) should be sufficient.

Heavy users: Gamers, videographers, graphic designers or others receiving or sending very large files, sharing large files in real time, remote real-time music performance, streaming HD video: ECFiber “Ultra” service (200 Mbps) is essential.

If you want really, really fast, check out our Wicked (700 Mbps) Service.

With ECFiber you can upgrade (or downgrade) your service at any time without extra charge.


Updated: August 29, 2017