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The first step in becoming an ECFiber Customer is to sign up for service by completing our online subscription. That puts you in our database and in line for a connection. You will not be billed until after our service is fully installed. When we receive your subscription, we will do an initial survey of your property to determine whether you are eligible for a standard drop or require something additional. Please read our Exterior Connection” page so you know what to expect. Once the cable has been run from the nearest pole to the box on your premises, we will call you to schedule full installation.

After I subscribe, how long does it take to get connected?
If you are in our current service area we can connect you quickly if you have a standard aerial drop (the line from the nearest utility pole to your premises will be 400 feet or less) – usually within a week or two at your convenience. If you require an underground connection, that will take longer. Please read “Exterior Connection” page for further details.

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Subscription Rates Shown are Monthly – No Contracts Required

All Service Level Plans Include:

– UNLIMITED Data! — No Caps!
– Symmetrical Speeds — Same speed download and upload.

Telephone Service includes Long Distance throughout the US and Canada plus a full range of customer convenience features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, etc.

Installation and Activation Charges (one time charges)

– Residential Internet installation charge $99.00
– Telephone activation fee $30.00
– Adding telephone after service after initial installation:

– No additional wiring needed – $30
– Wiring required – $105

Residential: 25Mbps $ 72.00
Business: 30Mbps $90.00

Light User
Good for moderate individual use

**With ECFibers Basic Internet Service you’ll be able to receive/send e-mails, upload/download music/photos, use Skype to communicate conversationally

Residential: 100Mbps $ 104.00
Business: 100Mbps $124.00

Medium User
– Good for heavy individual or light family use

**With ECFiber’s Standard Internet Service you’ll be able to upload/download multiple videos, music files, or photos at a single time; having one person watching Hulu, or similar on-line video service, while someone else is using the Internet for other purposes.

Residential: 300Mbps $ 134.00
Business: 300Mbps $159.00

Heavy User
– Good for heavy family use or light office use

**ECFiber’s Ultra Internet Service is great for gamers, videographers, graphic designers or others receiving or sending very large files, sharing large files in real time, remote real-time music performance, or those who stream HD videos.

Residential: 800Mbps $164.00
Business: 800Mbps $250.00

Extreme Users
– Good for heavy office use
– Uploading / downloading shows /large files frequently
– Serious live gaming

**With ECFiber’s Wicked Internet Service you’ll be able to stream 4K movies regularly, and play intensive 3D games in 4K on your PC. What would take you hours to download on a lesser connection can be achieved in a matter of seconds with ECFiber’s Wicked Internet Service.


Get your favorite TV shows, movies and even live sports through your ECFiber internet service with streaming devices.

TV streaming will allow you to watch what you want when you want. Making this change to TV streaming does requires some preparation, though. Here’s a step-by-step guide to TV streaming.

  1. Decide on a device you’ll use to perform streaming through your TV. The main options are Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV. They cost about the same (in the $50 vicinity). However most Smart TVs have these functions built in so a streaming device may not be needed. If your TV does not come equip with these functions please visit the following web link,, for personalized streaming service devices tailored to your favorite TV shows and events.
  2. Choose your streaming service for live TV. If you want more live TV options than you can get with an antenna, consider Hulu Live, Netflix, Sling, or YouTube TV. They typically cost between $15 and $45 a month.


Get your latest ECFiber news here.

Vermont Temporary
Broadband Subsidy

The New Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program that provides eligible Vermont households with up to a $40 monthly credit March through December 2021 to assist with Internet service subscriptions, has opened.

Consumers who received this benefit in 2020 will need to fill out a new application, even if they applied in 2020. However, they may use their same user name and password as last year.

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ECFiber Newsletter:
May 2021

Spring is here and we at ECFiber continue to work hard building and maintaining your state of the art fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to make this an extraordinary year, but as vaccination rates continue to rise we may truly be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that those of you who use our reliable high-speed internet service agree that it has helped make working and learning from home easier in the face of the pandemic.

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ECFiber: Building a Fiber-to-Premises Network in the Rural United States

In its early years, an informal saying among ECFiber Board members was, “ECFiber: Built for Vermonters by Vermonters.” ECFiber has succeeded in that objective. With the help of local volunteers, town and state governments that understood the transformative nature of the Internet, an advancing technology, and some serendipity, ECFiber is now making a significant part of Vermont ready to participate in a digital future, as well as leading the way in helping its neighbors and their CUDs to follow in its footsteps.

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High Tech Harvest Reaps Utility Pole Data for ECFiber

If you noticed a strange gizmo on a van driving the backroads of Newbury, Bradford, Topsham, the Fairlees, or Windsor in recent days, you saw the first step in ECFiber’s project to build world-class internet in those towns. The device, a Mobile Mapping Unit, uses a combination of cameras and laser scanners to rapidly collect data about utility poles. The data will be used by ECFiber network designers to create detailed construction plans this winter for its new member towns.

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