The Town of Sharon is a member of ECFiber, the East Central Vermont Telecommunications District, Vermont’s first Communications Union District. ECFiber is owned by its member towns and is self-sustaining. Local taxpayer funds cannot be used to subsidize the District’s operations.

In August 2018 the District completed a $8.5 million offering of Series 2018A Bonds to cover 2018 capital expenditures and complete the design and make ready for 250 miles of construction in 2018 and the design of the remainder of the complete system.  As of Dec 2018, 685 miles of fiber-optic network had been built and “lit” in parts of 21 member towns, serving about 3220 customers including 132 on about 15 miles in Sharon.  ECFiber plans to continue to raise capital through the municipal bond market in 2019 and 2020, and to complete 1400 miles of network covering all under-served locations in its member towns by 2020.

In September 2018 ECFiber announced that the planned 2019 build will include border-to-border construction of the four towns of Sharon, Royalton, Tunbridge, and Vershire.  The remaining 80 of the planned 250 miles will include four un-served or under-served areas of concentrated demand in the district.

ECFiber is pleased to offer:

  • Reliable high Internet speeds, which are symmetrical (the same in each direction) and are not “up to” as offered by other providers
  • Simple, stable pricing with no contracts, fine print, or data caps. Over the last three years ECFiber has increased its speeds but not its prices.
  • Local and personable customer service. Phones are answered by an employee during business hours without an automated queue.
  • Local ownership and control – governing board members meet monthly to set policy and are actively involved in promoting ECFiber within the community.
  • Valued community services. For example, ECFiber offers over 25 community anchor institutions (schools, town facilities, and libraries) its highest level of service for its lowest monthly fee.

In 2018 ECFiber continued its practice of raising speeds but not prices, by announcing that the District’s tiers of service would now be 25/50/200/700 Mbps.

For additional information, visit the website, email, or call the office (802) 763-2262.  The District office is located at 415 Waterman Road, South Royalton, VT  05058. Sharon’s delegates are David Karon and Clare Holland, email