Granville is a member of E C Fiber, the East Central Vermont Telecommunications District. Vermont’s first Communications Union District. The District commenced opĂ©rations on January 1, 2016, replacing the 24-town inter-local contract with Granville that was originally approved at Town Meeting in 2008. E C Fiber is still owned by its 24member towns, and, as was true in the inter-local contract, local taxpayer funds cannot be used to subsidize the District’s operations. The district must be self-sustaining and there is no recourse to taxpayers.

On April 15, 2016, the District announced that it had completed a $9 million offering of Series 2016A Bonds. This allowed it to complete and make ready for 250 miles of construction in 2017.

As of Dec 1, 2016, 326 miles of fiber-optic network has been built and “lit” in parts of 18 member towns, serving about 1550 customers. E C Fiber plans to continue to raise capital through the municipal bond market in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and to complete 1400 miles of network covering all underserved locations in its 24 towns by 2019. E C Fiber is pleased to offer the following:

  • Reliable high Internet speeds, which are symmetrical (the same in both directions) and are not “up to” ( that is, ECFiber actually provide the speeds for which its customers are paying at all times.
  • Simple, stable pricing with no contracts, fine print, or data caps. Over the last two years, ECFiber has increased its speeds but not its prices.
  • Local and personable customer service Phones are answered by an employee during business hours without an automated queue.
  • Local ownership and control, as governing board members meet monthly to set policy and are actively involved in promoting ECFiber within the community.
  • Valued community service. ECFiber offers over 25 community anchor institutions (schools town facilities etc.) its highest service for its lowest monthly fee.

Six towns have been selected for construction in 2017. they are Barnard, Thetford, Strafford, Pomfret, West Windsor, and Pittsfield.

Priority for towns to be built in 2018 will again be decided based on the highest rates of pre-subscription. In January each household will receive a postcard with details.

In order for Granville to improve the likelihood of receiving this important service, it is important that as many people as possible subscribe. doing so involves no financial obligation.