Along with Barnard, the village center of Bethel and customers on Vermont Route 12 were fortunate enough to be one of the initial areas to receive EC Fiber’s service in 2011. Since then, fiber optic service in the township has expanded up Christian Hill Road to Town Highway 59 as well as 8 miles built in 2017 in parts of the township including Lilliesville, Lympus, Dartt Hill and Campbell Road areas. Currently, Bethel has a total of 24 miles (of 83) of fiber service with more planned for the future.

Although Bethel has 83 customers receiving service, we are always looking for more. Please visit the organization’s website ( to see if we are currently in your area. If we aren’t there and you want service, please sign up as an interested subscriber. We currently have 104 subscribers awaiting service, but the more sign-ups we have, the sooner the service will come to your neck of the woods.