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What’s Happening in Randolph, VT

Read the ECFiber section of the 2017 Randolph Town Report

Good news! Fiber optic broadband has reached some parts of town and there are plans to reach the rest in the not so distant future.

As of October 2016, there is service either available NOW, or available by YEAR END 2016, for homes and businesses in the following areas:

  • 14 (South of the intersection of 14 and 66)
  • South Randolph Rd (including Bluebird Lane, and Corrao Rd)
  • Howard Hill Rd
  • Lower Davis Rd (from the intersection with Rte. 14)
  • Rogers Rd, Curtis Rd, and part of North Randolph Rd
  • Silloway Rd and Boudro Rd
  • Tunbridge Rd, Whalen Rd, and Edson Rd
  • Gifford Hill Rd and Clay Wight Rd
  • Chelsea Mountain Rd

If you live close to any of those places, especially if you are on a dead end or private road, it may be possible to extend service to you quickly as well.

The 2016 State of Vermont Connectivity Initiative Grants has awarded ECFiber grant funds to build the upper section of Rand Road to and including Olsson Rd. This area will be complete in 2017.

You can view a map of current and planned service on this website, or contact your delegates (listed right), or call the ECFiber offices at 802-763-2262 .

For the rest of the town, ECFiber has shifted strategy from building scattered routes to more regional routes.   Each year, ECFiber will match its available construction funds to the areas with the highest levels of interest, as demonstrated by percentage of pre-subscriptions.

To pre-subscribe, complete the online form. There is no obligation. Your subscription will increase the measurement of Randolph’s level of interest.

For questions about the process of being hooked up, or how to get your property ready for an underground hookup, or what to do if you are a tenant or landlord consult the ECFiber website.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact your delegates, or call 802-763-2262 for assistance.

To see what service is available in your area, please visit our Service Area Map for Randolph.