Pomfret, VT

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What’s Happening in Pomfret, VT

Read the ECFiber section of the 2017 Pomfret Town Report.

ECFiber lit up an additional 10 miles of fiber network in Pomfret in 2016 bringing the total to about 13 miles of network in Pomfret. This route is part of a State of Vermont Connectivity Initiative. There are over 90 homes and businesses that will have access to reliable, symmetrical, and fast fiber internet access.

Future Construction in Your Town:
Pomfret is also one of six towns where ECFiber will build to the remaining premises in 2017. Throughout the winter, the utility companies will be moving cables on the poles to make space for the ECFiber crews to begin stringing fiber in the spring of 2017. As various sections of the network are completed, ECFiber crews will be begin to connect new subscribers.

ECFiber is doing everything possible to complete the fiber builds on Hewitt Hill, Bartlett Brook Rd, Bunker Hill Rd and Dana Road. If you want to be alerted as soon as service is available on your road, please consider subscribing now. There are no contracts, no money required up-front, and no obligations. Subscribing will allow ECFiber to notify you once service is available to you.

To see what service is available in your area, please visit our Service Area Map for Pomfret.