Minutes from ECFiber Governing Board Meeting (Feb 21, 2017)

//Minutes from ECFiber Governing Board Meeting (Feb 21, 2017)

East Central Vermont Telecommunications District (ECFiber)
Governing Board Meeting
7 PM Feb 21, 2017
Room 012 Oakes Hall, Vermont Law School


Call to Order: Chairman Irv Thomae called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

    1. Attendance
        Chair called the roll and established that a quorum of member towns was present. See

attendance record for details

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    1. Introduction of Guests
        Carole Monroe (ValleyNet), Chuck Sherman (ValleyNet), Marty Blumberg (ECFiber Treasurer), John Roy (ValleyNet Chair), Stan Williams (ValleyNet CFO)
    2. Public Comments
    3. Accept Minutes of Jan 10, 2017 Meeting
        Motion to accept the minutes of the January 10, 2017 meeting. (M/Sadowsky, S/Graham), passed.
    4. Fourth-Quarter 2016 Financials (Stan)
        Stan presented highlights of the 2016 4Q financials. Reference the Key Performance Indicators section of his report in the Board Packet. The 250 mile, six town build, now designed, is actually more like 180 miles due to some design efficiencies, including using non-strand, drop cable to connect up some of those last mile attachments that don’t need high count fiber. The installation vendor has raised prices and those increases are built into next year’s budget. Fiber lead-times have come down. We have about 895 potential customers in the 2017 six town area and have submitted about 95% of make ready payments for the 6200 or so poles. The annual report is nearly finished and will be released after the audit is complete.
    5. Executive and Finance Committees: Joint Report
        The Executive and Finance committees met jointly to discuss planning for Citizen’s Bonds. The committee has decided not to proceed with the Citizen’s Bond offering. See the Treasurer’s recommendation in the Board Packet. Also note that MCM allows that all members of the Governing Board are eligible to purchase bonds as Accredited Investors.
    6. Updates
        a. Construction & Operations

        • Carole reports that the Stockbridge hub and Pittsfield are lit. The Central Greens (Bethel, Stockbridge, Hancock and Rochester) work is complete but there are some test issues that need to be resolved. The 2015 Connectivity Initiative final applications are submitted. A total of 16 miles has been lit in the last two-three weeks and installations are beginning to pick up.

South Woodstock is built but there still is some underground that needs to be installed to connect it up. The make-ready licenses for the 2017 build starting to come in. We’re now past 1600 customers installed and we’re looking for an Administrative Assistant.

The 2017 Construction RFP is out, with responses due by March 2nd. Planning is now underway for the 2018 build. We will be looking at subscriptions and we will plan to build where subscriptions are most prevalent and where other business decisions dictate. The most proactive thing that Delegates can do is to ask residents in their towns to go ahead and subscribe.

b. Government Relations

      • Irv reports that Jim Masland has introduced a bill that deals with pole make ready and pole rental fees.
  1. Motion: Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Certain Expenditures From Proceeds of Indebtedness.
      So moved [see the wording provided by Paul Giuliani that is included in the Board Packet](M/Ward, S/White), passed.
  2. Old Business
  3. New Business
      Motion to direct ValleyNet to work with the marketing group to come up with language for the automated response letters that is more in line with the current business model. (M/Brown, S/Sadowsky), passed.
  4. Adjournment
      Motion to adjourn, 8:43 p.m. (M/Sadowsky, S/Childs), passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Daniel Leavitt, Secretary